The team


Children in the Middle®

We have more than 45 years’ combined experience in the family law field and are the only barristers’ chambers solely specialising in this line of work. We aim to offer creative, practical solutions to even the most difficult situations.

Wherever possible, we will help you reach a voluntary agreement with the other parent over the arrangements for your child. But, if court action is required, as barristers, we can provide the experienced representation you need for every stage of the proceedings, from initial advice, drafting an application to the court, representation at hearings and preparation of witness statements and evidence.

However, you may just need one meeting with us so we can give you advice and guidance on the best way forward for you and your child.

Straight to the experts – Public Access Scheme

In the past you needed to use a solicitor to instruct a barrister, but due to rule changes under the Public Access Scheme, members of the public are now able to instruct barristers direct, without going through a solicitor.

By having direct access to a barrister this allows you to save money by managing your own case, as you will be able to handle the admin and the paperwork, while still benefitting from specialist legal advice from an independent barrister, who is a children’s law expert.

Using the traditional model, solicitors undertake a lot of admin work rather than legal work. By using our service, you are not paying a solicitor to do the admin work. You will be able to handle that yourself and we’ll do the legal work, as and when you want or need it.

As independent barristers we can now advise you and prepare documents – for example, witness statements, application forms and help you write letters, as well as representing you in court hearings.

We charge fixed prices, agreed with you in advance, for all of the work we do, such as advising you during a meeting, representing you at a hearing and preparing a witness statement or a kitchen table agreement. This gives you complete control over the costs involved and certainty over what you spend and what you will be getting for your money.