How we differ from the usual solicitor-barrister relationship?

You are going direct to expert barristers rather than through a general family law solicitor. You will ask us to do a piece of work for you and we will agree a fixed fee. We will only charge you that fee. If you want us to do another piece of work for you, we will then agree another fee etc.

You therefore decide how much or how little work we do for you. If you instruct a solicitor, they will give you a cost estimate at the start of their work over which you have no say. They can increase their cost estimate over time, and you hand everything over to them with little control.

Using the traditional model, solicitors undertake a lot of administration work rather than legal work. By using our service, you are not paying a solicitor to do the administration work. You will be able to handle that yourself and will ask us to do the legal work, as and when you want or need it.