Instructing a Barrister Direct

Many people do not know that you, as an individual, can instruct a barrister without also instructing a solicitor. This is called instructing a direct access barrister.


Here at Children in the Middle we offer this service – expert legal advice from a barrister direct to you as an individual.


The benefit to you of this approach is that you will receive legal advice from experts in children law who have an up to date knowledge of the law. We are very resolution focused.


You will need to undertake your own admin tasks on your case, like sending a document to the court and other party. You can then instruct us to give you focused legal advice on the significant stages in your case.


All of our work is undertaken on the basis of fixed fees for pieces of work for you. We can prepare documents for you (including witness statements), have appointments, represent you at hearings, and correspond with the other party over significant issues.


Most importantly, we only do each piece of work when you ask us to do it. You therefore keep control of how much and what work we are doing for you. This means you keep control of the costs in your case.


Please do contact us on or 0117 214 1797.



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