Parental alienation

Parental alienation is when following divorce or separation a child for no good reason rejects one of their parents, due to the influence, either conscious or subconscious, of the other parent.

It is a form of emotional abuse, which can lead to a child falsely accusing the rejected parent of harming them. It results in the child becoming psychologically ‘split’, i.e. one parent is all good, the other all bad, and is often expressed in extreme language: ‘I hate him/her’, ‘I’ll kill myself if I have to see my dad/mum’. If it is not addressed and tackled early and with the right legal and expert input, the impact of this emotional abuse can be lifelong.

Children of any age can be affected by this form of emotional abuse. The impact of the abuse can range from mild to severe, depending on the age of the child and the intensity of the alienation.

Parental alienation is now being recognised and understood in our legal system, although it is early days. It is a complex issue that requires specialist advice, both from your legal team, but also from other experienced professionals

We can help advise on how best to proceed if you feel you are being alienated from your children by your ex-partner.