Shared Care 

Shared care is now increasingly common. In many cases it offers a better solution for both parents and children. Making shared care arrangements can sometimes be fairly straightforward, but it can also involve a number of complex issues and may require careful negotiation between parents, or even court proceedings.

As specialists in making child arrangements following divorce and separation, our experienced family barristers can help. No matter how challenging your circumstances, we can guide you through making shared care arrangements that work for you and your children. We offer creative, practical solutions to even the most difficult problems, so you and your children can move forward in a positive way.

The particular needs of your family and the wellbeing of your child are our top priorities. Wherever possible, we will help you reach a voluntary agreement with your ex-partner over arrangements for your children. However, if court action is required, we can provide the experienced representation you need for every stage of proceedings.

How we can help your family

Our barristers can help you with all of the issues involved in making shared care arrangements, including:

  • How to divide children’s time between parents
  • Establishing a pattern of child care
  • Reaching a voluntary agreement on shared care with your ex-partner
  • Applying to a family court for a shared care order
  • Advice on implementing and arranging shared care.

We aim to provide exactly as much advice as you and your family need, so whatever aspect of shared care you need help with, we will be happy to advise you.