What now for remote hearings?

During the Covid-19 pandemic a dramatic shift took place in that the majority of family court hearings moved to online hearings.


With the government now telling us to learn to live with Covid-19 what does this mean for court hearings? Will they be face to face or online?


The head of the family court has made it clear that courts will not return to the way they worked before the pandemic.


The approach of the court should be that parties and their representatives should normally be present at court on those occasions when an important decision may be taken.


Beyond this general approach, whether you have to attend a hearing in person or online, will depend on the decision of the court you are attending.


Our advice is to carefully check the hearing notice or order setting out your court hearing. It should state whether you have to attend in person or whether it is a video hearing. If it is unclear or you think there is an error, then you must check with the court office.


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